Outpatient Mental Health Services

Assessments and Evaluations

Includes a one-on-one client interview and a review of the client’s personal and medical history to assist the therapist in developing an individualized behavioral health treatment plan.

Individual Therapy

45–60 minute, one-on-one sessions with a behavioral health professional.

Family Therapy

Addresses issues that affect the psychological and emotional health of the family, such as substance use issues, the manifestations of mental health conditions, and major life transitions like death, relocation, and divorce.

Group Therapy

Includes sessions on grief and loss, domestic violence support, teen issues, and more that are often offered in tandem with other outpatient mental health services.

Medication Management

We monitor patients’ medications to avoid potentially dangerous interactions and complications, and assure compliance with the prescribed regimen.

One or a combination of these services are used to assist our recipients who are dealing with life challenges, that may include one or more of the following: relationship and/or behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, or the manifestations of mental illness.

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