Urban Areas & Mental Health – How Telehealth Can Be Of Benefit

busy city streets with apartment buildings

Poor mental health affects our ability to enjoy life, cope with adversity, manage relationships, achieve employment, and find success. It can hinder our earning potential, making it difficult to obtain the basics of life like housing, food, and healthcare. Recent research suggests that those who live in urban environments struggle more with maintaining good mental […]

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Taking Charge of Your Mental Health with Outpatient Treatment

outpatient mental health counseling

Issues like depression, anxiety, and OCD can rob the joy from daily life. People struggling with mental health issues often feel hopeless—like their lives have spiraled beyond their control. These are very real feelings, but there are ways that you can manage your emotions, regulate your mood, and get the help you need to feel […]

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Changing Your Pandemic Perspective: Coping with COVID-19

Many Americans feel that the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, and it’s really no wonder why. The last six months have been a perfect storm of financial stress, disinformation, misinformation, fear, uncertainty, social isolation, increases in responsibility (home schooling and childcare issues), and other changes in routine. Add that all together and […]

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